Issue One

All pieces appear in our inaugural Winter 2022 print edition.

Introducing Security and Strategy
Gabriel Scheinmann

A Never-Ending Competition

Winning the Infinite Game: Defining Victory in Strategic Competition
Ashley Rhoades (SSS Iran 2020-2021)

Know Thine Enemy: What We Need to Know to Compete Effectively

IRGC History and Role in Iranian Statecraft
Cameron Keyani (SSS Iran 2020-2021)

The Veneer of Stability and Predictability in 2021 U.S. – Russian Relations
Thea Dunlevie (SSS Russia 2020-2021)

Instruments of Political Victory: Cyber, Economics, and Demography

Competing in the Cyber Domain
Tim Hofmockel (SSS Russia 2020-2021)

The Future of Maximum Pressure: Lessons Learned and a Path Forward
Gabriel Noronha (SSS Russia 2020-2021)

Winning the Competition with China: The Demographic Competition
Emily Hardman Rodgers (SSS China 2020-2021)