Submissions for The Hamiltonian

We publish in The Hamiltonian three categories of content, Essays, Opinion Pieces, and Book Reviews, in the print journal and online on topics & themes pertaining to U.S. foreign policy, national security, and economic statecraft. You can review the submission criteria, AHS style guide, deadlines, and prizes, and submit your piece for consideration at the bottom of this page. Your submissions can be adapted from previous research/coursework, but cannot be under consideration by any other journal. If you are struggling to find a topic, please click here for a list of potential ideas. 


Please carefully review our style guide. Submissions that fail to conform will not be considered.

ESSAYS (1500-2500 words)
  • The essay must make a clear argument; The conclusion of the piece should be clearly implied in the introduction. 
  • Focus on flow and clarity.
  • Think about diction. Word choice has a huge impact on the argument.
    • Hamiltonian essays are appeals to practical reason, arguing there is a specific duty or advantage to viewing or addressing an issue in a specific way. The language that mainly aims to elicit emotion is likely superfluous and undesirable in such pieces.
  • Be careful with the use of historical analogies. Thye may illustrate a point, they should not provide evidence for it.
BOOK REVIEWS (750-1500 words)
  • Describe the thesis of the book as well the method and sources the author uses to the reader. 
  • Avoid a mere summary and find a way to disagree in some significant way with the author you are reviewing.
  • Be fair to the author, evaluate the words he/she wrote, and don’t criticize for something he/she never set out to do.
OPINION PIECES (500-850 words)
  • Make one clear and provocative argument; Given the length limitation, more than one argument will weaken the entire piece; make every word count. 
  • The first two sentences are key – you must capture the attention of the reader immediately.
  • Try to use some pithy short sentences.

For more detailed guidance on various political writing, we recommend Adam Garfinkle’s Political Writing: A Guide to the Essentials, from which some of the above tips are adapted. 


  • Print journal – submissions for the upcoming print edition (summer 2024) are open now. Submissions close on January 16th, but we accept drafts at anytime. | $250 cash prize
  • Online-only – submissions for the online edition are always open. | $100 cash prize

Please direct questions related to The Hamiltonian to Michael at [email protected]. Submissions are open to the Society’s membership.