Issue Three

All pieces appear in our Summer 2023 print edition.

War and American Politics 2.0
Dr. Stephen Rosen (Harvard University)

Shifting Alliances

Russia’s War on Ukraine Heats Up Great Power Competition in the Middle East and North Africa
Nicole Robinson (SSS Iran 2022-2023)

The Race for Space in the Global South
Joshua Chavez (SSS Defense 2022-2023)

The Art of War Revisited

The Day After Boom: Restoring Deterrence After a Chinese Nuclear Attack
Rudy Novak (SSS Russia 2022-2023)

To Win the “New Cold War” Forget the “First Cold War”
Samuel Byers (SSS Iran 2022-2023)

The Lost Logic of Limited Nuclear Options
Yashar Parsie (SSS Defense 2022-2023)

The Battlefield of Ideas

Misguided China Idealists: Lessons from American Missionaries for Twenty-First Century China Analysis
Suzette Kane (SSS China 2022-2023)

An American Response to Qiaowu: Countering CCP Exploitation of the International Chinese Diaspora
Jack Clark (SSS Iran 2022-2023)

Countering Chinese Influence Operations
Kelsey Ritchie Frierson (SSS Defense 2022-2023)