Issue One

All pieces appear in our inaugural Summer 2021 print edition.
Please check back frequently for digital release.

Introducing The Hamiltonian
Gabriel Scheinmann

A New Journal
The Editorial Board

Reckoning with our Roots

The Grand Strategy of Alexander Hamilton
Brady Helwig

Beyond Plato to Nato: Rethinking ‘The West’
Alex Hu

Compared to What? A New Strategic Rorschach
Dominic Pino

Carrots Sans Sticks? No Bite
Shay Khatiri

Knives, Gunfights, & Political Economy

The Nuclear Bubble: Rethinking Deterrence
Ty Rossow

Chinese-Athenian Coincraft
Eleanor Ross

Pursestrings as a Power Play
Karan Balaji

The All Hands, New Arms Race: Bytes, Atoms, Cells

AI & the Precarity of Emerging Tech
Hannah Delaney

Fuel, Fire, Basic R&D
Colin Gray-Hoehn

Great Power & ‘The Manpower Thing’
James Haynes

Alliance System Audit: Orthodoxy & Heterodoxy

Much Ado (and to Do) About Illiberalism
Nicholas Romanow

(Enlightened) Self-Interested Idealism
Daniel Samet

The Nehru of the Arab Spring
Kevin Xiao

Efficient Election Assistance
Carson Maconga

Online Only

The New (Domestic) Voice of America
Elliot Seckler

Coming of Age as a Hamiltonian
Samarth Desai

Nuclear Fission: The Political Polarization of Nuclear Weapons Issues
Daniel Gottesman

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