Issue Two

All pieces appear in our Summer 2022 print edition.

Defining Strategic Competition in the 21st Century

China’s Nuclear Expansion and its Implications for U.S. Strategy and Security¬†
Patty-Jane Geller (SSS China 2021-2022)

Invest, Align, Compete: Turning Strategy into Action

Dollars, Tanks, and Banks: Modernizing the Economic Warfighting Domain
David Rader (SSS Russia 2021-2022)

An Untuned Instrument: Strategic Counterintelligence in the Sino-American Technology Competition
Nathan Hitchen (SSS China 2021-2022)

Global Proxies and the War for Influence

Iran’s Proxy Strategy and the Extent of Surrogate Autonomy
Michael Abonyi (SSS Iran 2021-2022)

America’s China Challenge in Mexico
Connor Pfeiffer (SSS China 2021-2022)